Warm Soapy Memories

It was 7:15 p.m., and I was listening to our Philco radio, hoping my mother wouldn't notice the time. But like every evening since I was 3 1/2 years old, or 7 years ago, she knew what time it was.

She was in the bathroom, and called me to come to her. I knew better than to disobey unless I wanted my bottom spanked and only delay the inevitable. As I entered the bathroom, my mother began undressing me, off with the shoes and socks, off with my shirt and T-shirt. Next, my pants were unsnapped. Three snaps up each leg and three in the crotch. Then she pulled my plastic panties down so she could unpin my diapers. She placed them in the diaper pail and had me sit on the potty chair and set the timer for 5 minutes. Don't know why, as I had never been successful on the potty for 7 years. But she set it anyway.

While I was on the potty chair, my mother ran the warm water in the baisn, rubbing the ivory soap bar to make a sink full of warm soapy water. She reached in the medicine cabinet and took out the jar of vaseline, removed the lid and placed it on the vanity, next to the soapy water. She would then get the red bulb syringe out from under the sink and put it next the vaseline. When the sink was full, she tucked the front of her dress in her panties and grabbed a towel and sat on the seat of the toilet and folded the towel and put it on her lap. When the timer went off, she would always tell me to get off the potty chair and ask if I had gone potty. I would hang my head and tell her, "No, I wasn't able to go potty for her." I would slowly move in front of her and she would have me climb on her lap, face down, with my bottom right in the middle of her lap. Next she would get the bulb nozzle and put a dollup of vaseline on the end of it, fill it with the soapy water, insert it in my bottom and squeeze the contents into my bottom, repeating the procedure five or six times until I was crying and pleading with her to let me release the enema. After a good five minutes or more, she would have me sit on the potty chair and expel the enema. Once I turned 12, the only change was the use of an enema bag with me on the floor on all fours.

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Did your sister ever give you an enema with you over her lap?

It was the way it was. I didn't have any thoughts about it at the time. I had to have them, my sister's chore was to give them and to bathe and diaper me. My mom thought it was good training for her so she could babysit. Giving enemas were not uncommon when I was growing up. Daily BMs were mandatory for kids to achieve good health.

How did you feel about your sister giving you enemas? Sounds like this continued into your teens.

I was given an enema until I was dry at night and no longer wearing diapers. I wore day-time diapers until I was 19, and then wore them if mom was taking me shopping or visiting her friends, and on any car trips over 1/2 hour in duration. In the mornig my sister would take off my soaked night-time diapers and give me a quick bath to remove the pee smell, and mom would tell her what I needed to wear that day. Until I was 19, it was always in diapers and baby panties with snapped trousers. <br />
Finally out of night-time diapers when I was 23. Given enemas by mom until I was 12, then my younger sister was in charge of enema, bath, diapers etc. and putting me to bed until she moved out when she was 20.

Dippityduf, how long did your mother continue to give you enemas? You kept getting them every evening? <br />
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Balneoboi, you can self-administer a 2 litre enema fairly easily with a standard enema bag and a little practice and patience. You might want to start with 1L and work up to 2. If you can find someone to give it to you, so much the better. Good luck.

I guess enemas were very commonplace up until 1950's and early 1960's and then use in home and also hospitals has declined. I never got given big soapy enemas at home or in hospital .... as a young kid I read in my mum's medical dictionary how to give an enema and there was a line drawing of a young boy (perhaps 7 years old) lying naked on his side, knees to chest - the nozzle of a Higginson's syringe in his naked bottom and the other in a large bowl of soapy water while his mum squeezed the bulb. I thought how could a mother do this to her kid? and what would it feel like to be on the receiving end? Gave me a fascination with enemas and when I was about 15 I experimented with the small rubber bulb of a turkey baster - taking a few ounces of warm water. I don't think it's very easy to self administer a big enema and I have always been interested to be given a big enema (perhaps up to 2 litres) by a skilled person. I feel rather sad that I missed out on being given big traditional enemas like this story describes.