Mom And Me In The Bathroom

As a World War 2 baby I grew up when home enemas were still very common.  Mother was the provider in out home.  All Enemas were given with a 8 oz Adult Rectal bulb Syringe.  Mother had stopped giving me enemas by the time I enter the first grade of school.  My three year younger brother were still getting them on occasions.


I recall the event well.  I became very ill on Thanksgiving Day, 1953.  The Family Doctor made a house call and decided I should go to the hospital.  Back in the early 50s, children were on wards.  My ward had twelve boys.  Modesty was not a concern to the Catholic Nuns that ran the facility. Our temperatures would be taken rectally throughout the day.  After a day of testing it was determined that the problem was severe constipation. 

About 7:00 P.M. in the evening a Nurse came in carrying a white  irrigation can filled to top with soapy water.   She pulled a cart next to my bed and obtained a big white bedpan from the nearby closet.  The Nurse proceeded to give me my first large volume enema and my first use of  a bedpan followed.

We were well off by 1950s standards.  Both mom and dad worked with additional income from dad military retirement.   The medical bill for the enema still impact the budget.  The hospital alone charge $35 for two days and an enema.

After that event any indication of constipation resulted in an enema from mom.  The procedure was that I help her prepare the solution on the kitchen stove.  We went to the bathroom together.  I would get on the floor and mom set down behind me.  A short time would pass when I felt the well lubricated nozzle slide in me shortly followed by the flow of water.

Mom would let me use the toilet after three or four bulbfuls had been administered.   I had to get back on the floor for more enemas until the return was clear. 

My last enema from mom was given about age 12.  I can not say I liked the enemas as a child.  I did like the results.  I wish I had thank mom for providing the treatments.  It was a lot of work on her part and a great benefit to me.

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Mmmm, I too rember the smell of the Ivory soap and the red bulb. The pan of soapy water and laying on warm towels on the bed in her bedroom. Early on I didn't like the enemas but a bit later I came to really like them.

This sounds like the experience of most of us. I never received bulb enemas. The bag was used first at about 7 yo. I still recall the smell of Ivory soap, the warm bathroom, the red fountain syringe hangling on the bathroom door with the hose stuck into the bag, waiting. Then I was over Mom's lap, my cheeks spread and the hose pushed in, the clamp snapped and a flush warm feeling in my gut. iOver the next 6 years I received several more enemas. When I was 13, I began giving myself enemas. Over the years I have had all kinds of syringes, bags, bulbs, from little douche kits to combos and fountains. I guess I love to be given enemas. Now I know there are may out there like me. Thanks for letting me share.

Do you use enemas now?