Prelude To A Visit .... Yay! :-)

Dear Weekender1, ( not her real name )

In about two (2!) days from right now I'll be picking you up at the airport. I can't even put into words how much your visit means to me. So instead of gushing, I'll just tell you what I bought for you today while stopping at the market:

1.) I got you your elitest, hoity coffee creamer... International Delight, chocolate caramel. And, by the way,I just read the " non dairy product Ingredients," which I will go ahead and keep to myself. " After all, shouldn't every day be just a little gourmet?" ( and fake!)

2.) I bought you some bottles of that " good ol Mountain Dew".... For the hillbilly, NON elitest ( elitist ? Ya, that looks better ) part of you. I was kinda embarrassed to have it riding in my cart, but no one stared. But it DOES cancel out any notion of " gourmet."

3.) I was smirking when I saw Almond Dream Coconut yogurt packaged to look like an almond joy candy bar. Since we are coconut freaks, I got us some. At home, I am now reading the label and it too is non-dairy and no soy...
So what the hell is it, and how can they call it yogurt? It says, however, that it IS made with REAL almonds.....

4.) In keeping with our love for all things coconut, I am looking at something I KNOW is dairy; Mmmmm, Haagen-Dazs coconut macaroon ice cream. It is my civic duty to buy it to help save the honeybees.... Anything for those bees! ( starts eating it and dips used spoon back in... She won't know... I'll put it in a bowl if there is any left.... I have two days )

.....And now I suppose you'll expect clean sheets...
( thanks so much for coming to see me. With all my heart I thank YOUR sweet heart )
Kathieredart Kathieredart
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2 Responses Feb 5, 2013

Ahh...all my favorites! Thank you! So much many's what keeps me sweet and.....preserved well? O.o ( It works.) But these NEW treats....??? If they're still there, of course...I don't know what to say, but I'll start with...may I please have a spoon? Can't wait to get there and share them with you...and many laughs as well! ( Thanks for the sheets though! )

Don't get your hopes up! I am on EP and I don't hear the washer going... That's because your sheets are still on the bed.... Lol

I am sooooo screwed, aren't I? lol Oh's my um...stuff, on them at least it's familiar. And besides...I smell pretty, so there still good! Ha!

Why don't you two just get some actual coconuts???You can smash them on some rocks, drink the milk, then make some musical instruments...Gilligan's Island style.

Hahaha!!! Is that horses I hear? I Lilty... Thanks for saying hello! Oxo