Mr. Binx And The Heaters

Hello Weekie,
I must wreck a surprise that the cats have been working on. ( day and night... Really! ) We HAVE to make a big deal out of this, so I want to warn you.

Binx and the girls have prepared a " WELCOME" that will bring you to tears. I have made the costumes and they look soooo precious in their tuxes. Dusty Springfield has been saying she's " grown up" ever since she was spayed, so I agreed that she could get a training bra.

As you walk in the door, I will say, " hit it" and the four (4!) of them will break into a barbershop version of a Neil Diamond medley. I am so proud of Mr. Binx! Bless him, he really nails his solo on " girl, you'll be a woman soon."

Hon, there is a part in their show that is..... well, it is, um...I will not lie... It is X-rated. Binx and Sister have a little something they want to do in " Cherry Cherry." It DOES go with the song, and I hate to censor their freedom of self expression! Hopefully Sister won't have to go to the emergency vet before the big finish.

They will start " Song Sung Blue," ( EVERYBODY knows that) i will light their sparklers. They have really had to practice writing your name! And please just go ahead and clap, even if it looks more like "Leakender" than Weekender.

It was to end with Veronica and Dusty doing the splits. That hasn't gone well at ALL! Veronica is 157 in cat years and Dusty won't give up her diapers. I hear her on EP in the wee hours, I fear she has found new " friends."

By default, the splits part will be performed by me while Sister does her best hello in growl. If needed will you please help me up? And if I'm severely hurt, I can go to the cat hospital with Dusty.

We are all anticipating your arrival! We, infact, think you are the cat's pajamas! Oxoxoxo.... Can't wait!
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LMAO! Wish I was with you pair!

Oh MY Sweetpatoot, We wish you were too! Hey! I need to check my lottery ticket! ( no kidding! hold on! ) ............. sorry. ;-( do you know the only reason I buy lottery tickets is to get you over here!?
I wish I had been born with a spoon, or at least a spork in my mouth. We are going shopping for you!

I'm hoping my package to you arrives whilst weekie is there, so I'll be there with you in spirit!

Wouldn't that be something! I was wondering ifi should wait and send yours when you are home from London? That might be the safest.... If it were slow, or lost, I don't want it to show up whilst you are away! Oxoxoxo ....l know you will hear from us... We can't stay off EP!

It is probably best to await my return. I got my fingers crossed for your's turning up in the next couple of days! Mwah! xx

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OMG.....where in the H E double hockey sticks do you come up with these ideas? LOL I will applaud and cheer...and even makes a few cat calls too...and then call 911...or drive everybody to V-ER. Then when you're all fixed up...sorry, fixed was not a good word choice was it?....we'll go for pizza! They can put shrimp on it for the cats! :) Can't wait to get there!

Just now my coffee was too strong, so I opened your special gourmet creamer and toned it down!
It's looking like " Ronnie " might be out of the routine from exhaustion, so I have learned her harmony part. Say! The car is in the shop, and the rental car is some cute little Nisson.... I'll go look..... Versa.
A Nisson Versa. It is gutless, yet fun to drive. We are getting close, Dearie!

See....? You like my special artificially flavored semi-resmblance of some sort of coffee cream. I know the good stuff, so stick with me, baby! :P Sorry to hear about Ronnie...but I'll bring my tape recorder...(do they even still make those things?)...and share with everybody here your be-ooo-tee-ful singing voice! :) Oh...and can I drive? I'm um...yeah, really careful? :)