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Are You There?

are you there?
are you watching me?
as i lay here, crying softly.
Can you hear me,
through this haze.
I dont feel you, could you hold me.
could hold me,
till the darkness fades.
hold me so,
i can breathe.

Can you see what i have done?
Can you help me turn it over?
can you feel my heart beat fast,
can you hear my whispers of insanity?
DcreativeBUG DcreativeBUG 26-30 2 Responses Jun 15, 2012

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Yeah. It is like this at times.

I feel your anguish...There is this stranger in my bedroom as well. He never sees my tears. He never hears my insanity. He dwells in the darkness and waits with a quiet, knowing smile. He wishes to claim me for his own. In December. Don't be afraid. I will hold your hand. And I am available for you night and day. T-Rex hugs...xoxo

T Rex. You do mean Mark Bolan, right?

no. it is a degree of love strength-a t-rex-tyronnosaurus rex! LOL! But I love that song and that group...