It seems that no matter where you turn there is plenty of bad news. And it seems to be automatically delivered right to you.  I don't recall asking for it.  I didn't subscribe to it, but there it is.  I do however, find it in my power to deal with it.

In this place we find both the good and the bad.  We need both these energies in this place, to learn, to grow, to evolve.  We also find free will.

As I move through my lessons I find that what I consider to be, negative energy,  matters less and less to me.  I find that I am no longer as attracted to it as I was.  This is important because I feel that we are attracted to the energies that we are most similar to.  

From time to time a higher vibration passes our way and we have an opportunity to join it and raise our own vibration.  The question at this point is;  am I ready and do I choose to be part of this higher vibration?

You see, I feel that we have to go through a certain amount of suffering in this place.  But it doesn't have to last.  The lessons will always come. But the sooner I learn the lesson, the sooner I get the opportunity to increase my vibration.  Early on, my focus is chosen for me.  Later on, I get to choose my own focus.

Now, as something difficult moves into my awareness, I try and focus on the information it is bring me and the wonderful lesson that I am to learn.  When the lesson has passed I know that I now have a moment to where I can lock the lesson into my being and raise my vibrational energy to a higher level.  

Everything is energy and we are all energy workers.  Nothing is personal, everything is opportunity.

Best wishes to everyone for 2013.  

Namaste, Howard


hhansen hhansen
51-55, M
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

I like this a lot. It feels as if your vibration is high and I can appreciate what you share.
There are times I feel my vibration is higher than other times. For instance, right now I feel mine is lower than what it has been. I look to explore why & I believe it's my physical health of fibromyalgia. My health has greatly improved & I know it's because I believed & still believe that it will. I just wish I was healed quicker. Because of this and other situations in my life I feel a lesson for me is patience. Maybe I'll obtain it in this lifetime, maybe I won't. Sure would be nice tho. :)

When I talk with people who have health issues...the first thing I say to them is to look at what you are putting into your body. Everything is energy and we are ALL energy workers. Start with something straight forward and very effective. lol Howard