Greetings Fellow Therians !!

Hi I am Whitevvolf83 I have created This experience in hopes that I and all of you might have the chance of meeting that one true mate that makes you whole that you can cuddle with and share your life with in whatever den you choose to be in.... please dont list any personal info in your posts and or important things about your self add Therians to your friends list and chat that way this is merely so we can find each other and open the communication thank you all and I wish you all the best of luck in finding the perfect mate ....

Whitewolf83 Whitewolf83
26-30, M
3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I hope I find my mate. I'm tired of being in love with some man who will never love me. He keeps hurting me and I need to meet someone who won't hurt me and just love me for me.

You do realize that your mate may not be a therian, right? My BF is not a therian, yet he accepts it and loves me for me. :3

hows your search going

poorly actually i cant find one its sad...

I cant find one so your not the only one.I have been searching to a mate ever since I joined EP

it is complicated but I know that when I find my mate it will be the one I have been waitting for my whole life... And I am waiting eagerly lol

i am waiting to but i wonder how long it will be

LOL i have been waiting for over 8 years

Oh my gosh

It will come i tried to rush it and only got hurt have patience and you will fine your mate

thanks i am eager to meet my mate

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