New Order
Ryan Dan
The Corrs
Celtic Thunder
Rod Stewart (not all)
Air Supply
John Williams
James Horner
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
SUSAN BOYLE (yeah!!)
Spice Girls
Snow Patrol
Shakira (just a few)
Secret Garden
Bryan Adams
Rob Thomas (he's not bad!!)
R. Carlos Nakai
Pink Floyd (Heavy duty fellows. I don't like all their stuff though).
MOREL!!!!!!!! I just discovered them, they're good I think. Good rhythm. Have no idea about the lyrics though. Haven't paid attention
Groove Armada (They're fun)
Mat Kearney (Good distinctive voice)
Kate Bush
Jon McLaughlin (He's good I think. I really enjoy it)
Jackson Browne
INSX (Not all)
Goo Goo Dolls (not all)
The Fray
Eric Levi
Depeche Mode (not all, but they have a special sound. Enjoyable)
David Gray
Chris de Burgh
Backstreet Boys
Pet Shop Boys
Joe Satriani

And more, but I better leave it at this. Who'd be interested anyway? I should be studying! :-) xx

Evania Evania
41-45, F
7 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Yes I'll have to have a look.

I am pretty sure you can. You can also borrow DVD's. For a whole week and then you can renew them for another week. You should try it out! It's fun! :-) xx

you can borrow CD's from a library? I don't think you can do that over here, not that I ever go to the library.

And it's growing. I go to the Library and get 10 CD's at a time, come home listen to them and put them in my iTunes Library (the ones I like, or all of them and then later I delete what I don't like). And it's a wonderful and free way to expand my collection, which is already huge, and to discover talent out there. I just love music. :-) xx

You've got a lot wider taste in music than me anyway.

No, I actually am very selective about what music I like. There are many genres that are completely absent, including jazz! I do like jazz, but a little of it goes a long way. You don't see any country there either, and country is HUGE here in TX, but same thing, a little of it and I'm done for a while. Blues. I don't get the blues very much. Caribbean music, omg I can't stand it; but I LOVE African music. And absolutely and decidedly NO cumbias for me!!!!! <br />
I didn't even write Classical. It's one of the first loves of my life, classical music. I was allowed to listen to it, sort of, -growing up-, and so I did, and soaked it up, still love it very much, though not all of it moves me the same, naturally.

So you love just about anything and everything