For The Sgt - You Are My Best Friend

“Because being with you makes perfect sense... you're my best friend!!!”
― Tim McGraw

You walked into my life at a time when I was in the deepest of mourning. You soon helped me turn the darkness to light. Sometimes I do not know how to handle your love. You are so much more than a lover and truly there will never be anyone else that makes me giggle like you do.   You are my best friend in life! Thank you for being there for me and holding me up when I am at my weakness. I love you forever and ever. 

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5 Responses Jan 4, 2013

Sierra, I love to read your thoughts too. Although we both have our own unique dynamics to our relationships, we both have men that are respectful and respectable and those men love us in a very special and unique way. They have earned our love and respect over and over through their love for us and the many ways they have put that into action. We both are truly blessed.<br />
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Ps;: something is up with the mobile again as it won't let me reply to comments.

Aww Your love for your Sgt is always a real inspiration and so beautiful. I love to read about your intense and deep feelings for him.... ♥ You really are a special and profound sort of couple.....

LOL I love your guy Pixe (just not like you do lol) so I know how you feel. We are two very lucky women.

Thanks CA... hugs

MTVLM, He says he knows but I ain't so sure lol.

Sgt should know how lucky he is and I am sure he does...

I know how you feel!!!!!! Except not with Sgt of course! *wink* ;-)