I've been getting clean off of herion and i feel like i have all these things hit me at once. Like i stole a chapstick from walmart and the longer i wait to pay them back the more they charge me with it. It was just a chapstick and i dont steal anything else except ive always have had a problem with stealing chapsticks. I know what a weird thing to steal. Anyways i haven't paid them for so long now that i owe 200 dollors and its stressful and if i dont pay it by Dec 16 they are going to make it 400$ that I will owe them. **** Walmart I'm never shopping there again.. Not including the courts i have to pay for the theft fine. And i also I have a new citation for speeding and driving on a denied licence. I can't afford any of this and I'm so scared on what to do and how im going to figure it out.... Plus i have my GED test I'm studying for and my god daughter is going to be born in a month and I'm moving to brooklyn at the end of February..... Not only do i have my own problems but I have my dads like him not trusting his wife that he just married. She's way shady and a liar and its not fair to him because he's honest and so good to her. Ive always thought that she's a ***** though, doesn't mean i dont love her but she won't admitt the truth, at least I'm honest and know that ive been a bit slutty in my past and plan to be a little bit more in my future. Haha not to forget I'm helping the guy I've been seeing for 9 weeks (as of today) move into his new place and I honestly dont want to be around him anymore because I'm starting to fall for him really badly and I know for a fact he won't ever make me his girlfriend or treat our relationship like its more than just current fun. I am so lost and i am constantly in a contradiction between killing myself or killing everyone around me.

- always with love
Angelika N
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Yes yes me need to post some hot picturs jskdg

Well i love you today, tomorrow , and every day after...for the person you are .

Thank you. I love you too and I'm very happy we found eachother on here again :)