My Turn

It used to be every now and then something from my youth would end, a tv show or store. Once in awhile a person would die that I grew up watching and respecting either in real life or on tv. It seems as I get older more and more of these situations occur, that is the price of my getting older, so do those I respected in my youthget older. Yesterday was one of those days when someone I respected passed. This has me thinking am I someone who younger people that know me will respect and miss when I am gone? I would like to think so but maybe not. I know I will never be a celebrity but that does not lessen my desire to be someone who can be respected. So as I go forth in my life I am going to try to be the type of person that when I am gone people will look back on and say I am going to miss him.
gesmith1963 gesmith1963
Apr 19, 2012