Some Simple Stuff, Up Front

I'm unsure why people assume I'm a domme ... but I'm not. I've experimented with BDSM, but am not into that. I'm somewhat into S&M, and I'm a painslut. I'm in a plural, polyandrous marriage, and am not looking for new *****. I do like to discuss things of all sorts, so if you'd like to contact me, please message me. I do not respond to whiteboard or gestures, but I do appreciate them. :)

Also, I don't IM, because I don't normally have the luxury of being able to chat conversationally when I'm online. Besides, it's sad if I put the wrong message intended for you into the chat window of a workmate, don't you think? And perhaps, vice-versa, too. But I do try to respond promptly to messages on EP, if I can.
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1 Response Sep 22, 2012

thank you, nubbin -- you've been knocking and entering (so to speak) pretty regularly. :) glad to know that i'm not scary when you peek into the door ... or maybe i am and you're not disliking it? ;)

except in "fight club," they were the (SPOILER!) same person ... are you saying i'm your alterego?