I have my own conspiracy theories,

Barak Obama used top secret government weather control equipment to wreak havoc in towns like ;Joplin, MO, Branson and MO, Oklahoma City, OK. He did it for political cleansing. There are a lot of Chirstian, bible thumping gun owners in towns like those.

It's the same weather control equipment that Bush used to "make" hurricane Katrina and make it oh where it went so he could do "ethnic cleansing".

Notice that right after Obama announced his cabinet members all of them had trouble with their taxes? It's because they bought their cabinet spots.

Pretty &$(;&&ing rediculous ideas huh?
That's because they are stupid "theories"
Just like the theories about; JFK, moon landings, the Holocaust, and Pearl Harbor.

Remember, just because you read stuff on the internet it does NOT mean it has to be true. I remember a few years ago I read a story about "they" (whoever "they" are I don't know) had proof that in 1985 JFK, Elvis and Hitler were all still alive and shared a penthouse apartment in NYC.

Use your heads and don't be seduced by absurdities.
OzarksTrucker OzarksTrucker
41-45, M
Aug 17, 2014