Well, Knowing the Mechanics of It All and the Physics, It Was As We Saw.

Now who did it, well that is not as obvious, but with the mass media, it had to have been the idjets that did it, and no one else, but the proof is obscured by the debris.

FWIW, it was a horrible thing, but we invited it  ourselves. The typical postwar USA arrogant thing of telling others how to do their job - had we pulled out of Saudi Arabia after GW1, old idiot Osama would have not had is panties all bunched, and would have had no reason to play Allah.  Also, had we known we were meddling in a hornet's nest, we wouldn't have been asleep at the wheel while the cretins were planning to murder the innocents, and would have treated the Intel as legit, thus foiling the plan.

But it's history now, the dead are dead and the hornets are still buzzing around.


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1 Response Mar 17, 2009

I'm agreed with you. However - things are not so easy. US was picked only because it's leader role in west. We still do not want to admit, that there's war going on. War for supremacy of Islam. In Europe they already want to establish a Kalifat. In London I saw stickers "Sharia is the only solution for the UK". I am not against the freedom of religion, but those guys are. I have nothing against Islam per se, as far as they respect and obey laws of the countries where they live.