Building 7

I have had the argument with numerous nay sayers who believe the goverment "explanation" Of the events of 9-11 about it being an inside job. It is scary that there is such a giant lack of critical thought when it comes to processing the information that is presented. Anyways the one point that I make that no one seems to be able to argue is "What about building 7?" If those buildings weren't downed by internal explosives planted prior to 9-11 then how di building 7 collapse in exactly the same way that buildings 1 and 2 did? It wasn't even close to builings 1 and 2. No plane hit it, there was very minimal fire in it, how did it even catch fire in the first place? IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!
RefuseResist RefuseResist
31-35, M
May 20, 2012