Before And After

Do you ever think that you end up in the wrong place at the wrong time? I'm not talking about being in the Twin Towers on that faithful day. I'm talking about being a witness. Apparently it's the sign of the times when witnesses are in danger in this nation. This video clip at Youtube is very interesting as I didn't even realize just how many have been eliminated after the fact:


It displays the individuals who witnesses the events up close and personal

The one clip that I found amazing was the clip of two planes hitting the same building, one after the other. Certainly looks like a Hollywood production to me that should have been left on the cutting room floor. In this case though you only get one chance to get it right.

There are a group of Structural Engineers who have raised 9-11 questions again. You can't blame them. Nothing but a controlled demolition could have brought those buildings down in their own footprints. 


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Thats funny puck, they couldn't care less about WMD's and knew that the media would just carry their water and not make an issue of it so why waste resources on something that had no value in it's outcome.<br />
Half of the idiots in the US still believe there WERE WMD's I had one half-wit tell me that they found them and pointed to an article about digging up a dozen or so inactive tear gas grenades that have been rotting in the ground for 20 years.

I saw this fake plane shot on " www. ", today.<br />
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You can clearly see it doesn't quite make it to the building before the left wing vanishes.<br />
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If this subject bores you. Don't waste my time

Yes, actually I am pretty bored with the "truther" movement in general. What a waste of activist energy to chase phantom crimes of a government when real ones are staring you in the face.

They didn't really want to find them, it was only a pretext for the attack. they were really after the Iraqi oil and a foothold in the middle east.

I still don't understand, how ,if they were able to orchestrate the 9-11 attacks, how were they not able to orchestrate finding the WMD's . That would have been an easy trick.