William Cooper

He got it right and they killed him to shut him up, but his commentary lives on. 9/11 and Oklahoma City were both inside jobs. Our Government will stop at nothing to hide the truth about these events. Military and archetect experts all state that neither event happened according to the offical story.






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I still visit his What Really Happened site.<br />
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Have you ever heard of Sherman H. Skolnick. He was a patriot as well, uncovering criminal behavior in Chicago.<br />
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Keep up the good work, spreading the word to your fellow Americans. Although I believe that the majority here are too brainwashed and weak to unite and make the changes necessary to save us from transforming into the third world country the elites have planned for us. It's going to have to be the small groups of informed, caring citizens that will have to do it. Regardless, in order to make it happen we must take 100% control of our U.S. gov't. There are no other alternatives!

The only way to return our country to the citizens is to vote out all incumbents. The career politicians need to go. With the recent passage of: S.1867 the American Government has become apparently paranoid of the people and for good reason.
You and I are now considered a domestic terrorist. Any American can be locked up for any reason ,guilty or not ,indefinitely without due process. Welcome to the real prison planet U.S.A.

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