If I Had a 6 Pack Right Now...

...I'd probably be fired since I am at work. So let me add to this statement by saying " I Think a 6 Pack Sounds Good Right Now AND I Wish I Was At Home Drinking It".

Of course, work is over in 4 and a half hours.



Lushesb Lushesb
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9 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Lost track of how many I had at the pub last night , <br />
but I know I had a dream I show up at work drunk this morning LOL. <br />
At least, I think it was a dream....

cheers to ya. just finished a sicx pack myself... make it 7,....LOL..and feeling fine. Strictly to help me sleep of cousre. LOL

OH the coor light girls are calling my name and i shall be having one shortly! Reminds me i have to get the 30 on the way home.

Sounds like a plan....

Chris..make it a keg and let's have a party! Everyone's invited.

I'm out in 10 minutes...a cold beer would work just fine!

How about I get a 30-pack and we'll all get a buzz?

Beer here!!!

you and me both sister. I have more like 5 to 6 hours to go till i get the tasty beer.