This boy at my school a week ago he was like looking at me and I caught him then he turned away and I caught him looking at my eyes two days ago and we made eye contact today I was talking to my friend and I was facing the opposite side of the chair and my hand was dangling. He was talking to someone and he stopped for a few seconds then he ended up holding my hand for like 5 seconds when he realized it he said it was an accident. Then we made eye contact and he smiled at me. Then everyone turned around looking at both of us like we like each other the teacher looked at my hand then at both of us. Later I heard her say they like each other or they may be dating. Now I'm like does he like me or no my friends were like he likes you I was like no we don like each other.
lisarosexoxo lisarosexoxo
18-21, F
Aug 19, 2014