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I think Joaquin Phoenix with his microform cleft is extraordinarily handsome and super sexy. 
Of course this is a matter of opinion.   I read some women  call it his ugly scar and other women say its a sexy scar.  S ome  females think he's an  ugly monster and others see him as super handsome.  I find it quite interesting one man can bring on such varied opinions on his looks.   BTW I don't believe its only a birthmark.   Its a   mini form of a cleft lip.
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Pixie87. Are you certain its a cleft palate scar? I thought it was either a microform cleft or a cleft lip scar. I wonder why Joaquin Phoenix's nostrils are asymtrical. I know from diagrams, drawings that a unilateral complete cleft lip reaches up to the nostril. I think he's incredibly handsome, sexy, a darn good actor and a real humanitarian. Sept 15 he was part of "Give Love" with Patricia Arquette in a charity for Haiti. But that line where he says his mother was suddenly frightened and then he was born with a scar on his upper lip is as real as the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and Santa Claus. Maybe his mother did tell him that to reassure him. Just surmising and not presuming.

I know from being a member of the Yahoo group Cleft Talk they'd agree. OTOH everyone of course is an individual and there may be exceptions. iOW Not everyone with any kind of cleft would necessarily agree with JP telling what exactly he was born with. BTW the official term for his fans are joaqaholic

Yeah, I agree with you about Joaquin Phoenix being hella sexy. I always wondered if he didn't have a cleft palate op scar - he always claims otherwise. Whatever it is, I too feel it only adds to his attractiveness & wish he would admit to having had a cleft palate if he indeed did.

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I wish Joaquin Phoenix would state he was born wth a microform cleft. I think that could be a real boost to others with any form of cleft lip and/or cleft palate. I know to me his cleft is as sexy as hell.<br />
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I'll need t o look up Denise Crosby on IMDB.com when I get a chance. I thought JP w as super sexy handsome in "Two Lovers" How do I add you as a friend. I'd love to add you as a friend.