My Bursting Boyfriend And Slight Wetting ;)

Ok so this happened last summer when my boyfriend was absouletly BURSTING to pee! Seriously he never had to go so bad in his life! It was so painful to watch him! We were on on a car trip to get to our holiday home and it was about an 8 hour trip. He is usually able to hold his pee well but there have been a few times where he had to go bad on a journey. But never as bad as this. He is sometimes a bit shy about saying he needs to pee and hardly ever uses public restrooms apart from in emergencies. And he abosuletly HATES peeing outside of a toilet. Anyway after we were about halfway there we stopped to eat lunch. (after this we would be going through mountains for about two hours so no services). We sat down to eat. My boyfriend had soup which was spicier than he had expected so he had to drink a lot of water. Then because he was tired from driving he got a large coffee. I went to use the bathrooms but he didnt go. Obviously not thinking about the amount of liquids he had drank. Then we got back in the car and started our journey again. After half an hour I noticed him shifting around in his seat and rocking from side to side. He didnt stop moving so I asked him If he was ok and he replied yes. But he didnt look me in the eye. After a while he loosened his jeans. He must have had to go REALLY bad because he is slim but I could see a swollen bump where his bladder is. So i asked him If he was sure he was ok and he replied 'I have to pee really really badly, were going to have to stop at a service station'. But it was still really far til the next one. I was going to tell him that he should just pee outside but he is very sensitive and really hates doing that so I stayed quiet. I could hear him moaning quietly under his breath. He was rocking back and forth trying so hard to keep it in. he managed to hold for another 15 minutes before I tried to soothe him. I put my hand on his leg and tried to massage him to calm him down a little. But he pushed me off.'Please dont Baby I can barely concentrate already, My bladder is extremlely full, Its really hurting' so we sat in silence again. His jeans were still digging into his swollen bladder but he didnt have a free hand to undo them or hold his crotch. I slid my hand down there and unzipped them and pulled them down a little for him. He winced as I touched his swollen bladder slightly whilst unzipping but he didnt push me away. He was wearing pale gray boxers which would easily show a stain. He relaxed a little once his jeans were down. He couldnt cross his legs because he needed to push the pedals but he had his thighs pressed tightly together. He was in so much pain. I felt terrible for him. He couldnt even hold himself. I slid my hand back onto his pants and grabbed his ****

'Wh what are you doing??", he stuttered but didnt push me off. I squeezed hard holding it for him. he relaxed a little 'Please keep doing that baby! I really helps!' he said. So I did. After a while I had to have a drink so I let go. 'Jesus were gonna have to stop now Im going to pop!", He said. We were stuck in a bit of traffic So he realized he couldnt stop. he cursed loads of times almost crying. Which is really unusaul for him. I saw a tiny wet patch the size of a golf ball appear on his boxers but he mananged to keep holding. I looked at the bottle in my hand. It was only like 300ml or something but I quickly drank the liquid. I pulled his boxers down, grabbed his **** and shoved the end into the empty bottle. 'let a little bit out baby then we can stop as soon as we can. He didnt object. He started peeing so hard the bottle was full in seconds. He found it really hard to stop groaning really loudly and overflowed peeing a little bit on my hands. 'Im so sorry Baby!' he said wiping it off with his sleeve. But we were still stuck in traffic and he was still in agony. He was groaning even louder now. I put his boxers back up and contunied squeezing. When we finally got out of the traffic he found a place to pull over. As he got up he doubled over in pain. and I saw a dark patch appearing down one side of his jeans. He shuffled over to the my side of the car as quickly as he could, pulled everything down and peed right in front of me gushing all over the place. He didnt even have time to aim or prepare. He just started peeing a HUGE stream EVERYWHERE. Hot concentrated pee squirted everywhere even on my window. But he just peed and peed for around two minutes!!! No kidding! I found this incrediably hot :) He is usually quite a private person and would hold on long enough to find a bush or tree but he just went. He is usually also very polite and wouldnt pee uncontollably in front of someone. And he is a very clean person so he would never pee all over the place. But seriously he just lost control! It was fun too see a man seriously lose control like that. When he got back in the car he apolgized loads of times and kissed me loads but I could see how embarrased he was about it. He thanked me for being so helpful and promised me he would never put me through this again. He is such a gentleman :) it was verrryyyyy sexy x And he was even kinder later on when we arrived at the holiday home. There is only one toilet and we both had to pee really bad!. (he had to go again because he had drank so much!) We both had a bit of trouble walking with our full bladders but I could tell he had to go much worse than me. And when we got to the bathroom even though I offered him the chance to go first he said 'ladies first' and inisisted i go first. To be honest I wasnt bursting. But I could tell he was. I didnt want him to be even more embarrased so I made him go first. He didnt even lock the door or anything he went straight over to the toilet, lifted the seat up and peed for ages again!!! sighing with relief!! I had to pee really bad now and ran over straight after he was finished. I didnt even wait for him to put the seat down. I peed for a very long time too with him in there. Afterwards he apoligized for going first and said sorry that i had to go so bad and he went first. Then we kissed and it was amazing ..................

Two amazing pee experiences in one day :) it was great :) xx

And btw if anyone wanted to know what he was wearing

Pale gray boxers

Pale blue jeans

white shirt and green sweater

a tight belt (because he is thin)

gray converse


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Interesting story, thanks. Maybe it's because you're so young, but it seems a bit odd that both of you had hidden your peeing from each other? You were willing to hold his penis as he was struggling, and it seems so new for you to be with him while he peed at the toilet, but the way you described it, you were behind him while he peed and not in a position to watch him. Then you described the situation as you ran over to the toilet and didn't wait for him to put the seat down - so did you put the seat down, or just hovered when you peed? It seems he is still there in front of you, so was he watching you pee?<br />
<br />
Do you feel something shameful about watching your lover pee, or having them watch you? It just seems so natural to be with your partner when you pee, what's to hide, they have seen and kissed it all before, haven't they? Besides, isn't it fun to share pee with your partner?