Yes I am in a long distance relationship. I fell in love with the most beautiful and amazing person I have ever met. From the moment I came across her profile (I met her through EP by chance) I knew she was something special. We became friends immediately, and I quickly realised that I had feelings for her. But I didn’t tell her, being too afraid they wouldn’t be mutual, and I was content enough to have her as just a friend. Then one morning I woke and found out she felt the same way about me (I think my heart stopped at that moment).
We have been going out now for just over 4 months, and I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been. That’s not to say that this long distance relationship is easy, because let’s be honest, this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. The want and desire to just hold her hand drives me crazy at times, I lose myself in thought thinking about her. I constantly miss her. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love her and We are determined to make this work. A lot of people have asked me “how can you be sure?”, and the to be honest I can’t explain it. I just know, I just know she is the one I love, that I want to spend the rest of my life trying to make happy. Every moment we can we talk to one another, be it msn or private messages or webcam. And every day I love her more as we find out more about one another.
Long distance relationships are hard, they require a lot of work and commitment. But when the two people are in love, like her and I are, they can work.
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Well I think I can honestly say I know what your talking about, I am about the same distance from Damien, as you are from your girl. Both Australia, Both Britain, and truly is difficult.'s now a case of how to make a long distance relationship..if you truly are commited you just make it work, I am sure you know. Keep strong..and my only little pieces of advice would be...find things to do with each other, make them feel apart of your life despite the distance, Like...Try watch a movie you know they like. Or read something funny to them. Oh Oh...Play games on Msn..haha. My second piece of advice is...Try be on time when you's say you are going to talk. That is one of the things that can cause tension...the person who waited feels upset, and they are not important. Your doing great, the pair of you's.

I love you too Beautiful **hugs you tight**

OMG I so wish I was in that sorta situation. We are continents apart atm

That was beautiful. I am currently in a similar relationship. We don't live too far away, we live in the same state; about a half hour drive from each other. The only problem is, we're both young and don't drive yet.

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Very true, I totally agree

iFully UnderStand You; Me + My BoyFriend Have Been Together ALittle Over A Year Now & its Been All Long Distance. Well 2Get 2 The Point Yess it is Really is Hard, 2Be in Love With SomeOne & Not Being Able 2Be With Them, See Then Often, Talk, & Just Share Memories Together. It Takes A Real Person 2Be Committed; To Not Cheat! It Can Also Be Hard if U Start To Hear Rumors From Friends & Reletives Which i Strongly Suggest You Always Ask Her Before You Start Accusing AnyOne. Then There Comes That Time Of Jealousy Where You Dont Want Them 2Go AnyWhere With There Friends. But it Alwayss Comes Down To The Good Stuff You May Argue At Times, But That Just Shows You Both Are Strong Enough To See Eachothers Mistakes And Fix Them Together. NO MATTER What AnyOne Says Take A Chance At it! If You Want 2Continue With it Go Ahead! -Hope iHelped!