Long distance relationships are so much better then short distance relationships. I mean, you have to have such faith and trust in a person to know they wont cheat or lie. And honesty too, lots of honesty. Plus, they're so much cuter; skype calls, love letters and costly phone calls because you love eachother that much. Its hard to have someone mean so much to you, and you to them, and not being able to be in their arms whenever you want. Not being able to hold them, kiss them or spend precious moments together. But finally getting on a plane or driving hours to see that person, and spending days together with them, being in eachothers presence, is the most memorable and romantic thing. Every minute may feel like an hour, ever hour like a day and every day like forever but that person would wait forever and a day.
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Are you in a long distance relationship?




You seem really optimistic about them

yeah i am

That's cool

Have you tried to be in a long distance relationship?

i have


Would you have another?

Would you have another?

Would you want to be in another?

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