Sometimes I just don't think they can. Been talking to a guy for months on & off. Met on a dating site. At first we clicked & we could talk about anything & everything. We became close friends. He is trying to be in the music business.
All of a sudden he quits talking to me. Breaks my heart but I got over it & moved on.
Then one day he texts me out of the blue & tells me how much he's missed me & that he's so sorry for hurting me & he wanted just one more chance. I agreed & forgave him. Well he does the exact same thing.
Not to mention everytime we talk, were sweet to one another then we fight.
Well he just texted me out of the blue again. We "talked", he told me how much he loved me & that I was his best friend. Then we start to fuss & he threatens to leave.
Honestly, I'm tired of being hurt. Hurting someone & being a total jackass isn't love.
So this time, I decided I was leaving instead & that I didn't want to talk to him anymore.
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Good for you. You live your life and don't worry what he wants till he knows what he wants. You'll find the right guy. 😃

Damn, crazy

I swear that's me in that story man haha