World and Earth

     For some reason, in my mind I separate the world from the earth.  I've been told not to love the world,l but I do., and if that condemns me to eternal damnation then so be it.  There is art, and architecture, and fascinating people.  There are languages that sound like music, and others that sound like they're clearing their throats.  There is history and herstory,  and  tradgedy, and mystery. There is exquisite cruelty and infinite love. There are millions of mothers who felate thier children to quiet them. There are tribes in Africa who peform  cunninlingus on their cattle to stimulate lactation.  There are masses that glorify death and desolation, and are outraged by the sight of one breast

     The world is what we stand for and the earth is what we stand on. Sweet silent martyr and mother of creation. Loving and nurturing providing being nurtured, being raped.  The world will do what it may, but the earth will have her final say.

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Puck1 -- What you said is amazing and deep.

I think about the world a lot as well. I can't stop thinking about how totally screwed up the world can be sometimes.

I'm overwhelmed by it these days! Part of me wants to isolate, and part of me wants to throw a temper tantrum! Time marches on.

I am more in a temper tantrum mood, especially watching people setting fires, overturning cars, blocking the interstate, etc.

Oh. My. Gosh. Wow, Puck. Brilliant.

Thank you! I had forgotten about this one. I suppose this is one of the "mature experiences".

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotton Son.....

We will last, even in a totally destroyed world, if it ever comes to that, because it is our instinct to do so if we can. I think he wrote about a beautiful separation in himself and his way of coping with the sadness and incongruencies of the world. Interesting about the watch.

I knew the felate part, because of an interesting story a friend passed on to do with a man who had a sexual thing for analogue watches, all because his grandmother wore an analogue watch as she did her thing to get him to sleep.<br />
I summarise everything you say as 'what’s your version of things' but I see your ending as too closed ended. The earth is here to support us, we try to support ourselves, we can adapt and change. We can be good and we could last a very long time, we are inventive little blighters, and not all bad. There’s a huge chance we will last against natural odds.

Nice...I mean, well, yeah. Very nice, with a few splashes of "enriched" thought...I didn't know any of that stuff, Puck....interesting perspective.