A World Without Cars...

All practicalities and logic aside, i'd love to see a world without cars. i was just thinking on the way home about the cold shield that cars symbolise to me. if we walked more, then we might smile at ppl more, exchange greetings, be more open and friendly. if we're suspicious of someone, we could just turn away, walk faster, etc etc. how do you show friendliness in a car? a big wave? i'd be worried about crashing - i'm on my L plates! its so easy to show aggression though. just a series of beeps on the horn, tailgating, speeding past, etc.

without cars, we'd be fitter and therefore the obesity epidemic would cease to of epic proportions. ppl wouldnt be able to drink drive and kill themselves and each other. ppl wouldnt have drag racing on the streets. the world would breathe easier too!

don't worry, i am so aware of the flaws of this idea. but thats all it is. an idea. =>

BowsAndBones BowsAndBones
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3 Responses Jul 12, 2007

I totally agree.

although I did know a guy who got a dwi on a lawn mower! your right the world would be a better place.

but then where would be the saying " honk if your horny"!