Too Much

There has to be happy medium but when I see a person that has a ring in each eyebrow, one or more through their nose, one through their lip, and multiple guaged holes in their ears it is just too much for me. To each his own and if that is their form of expression then fine but i would not have that many myself. It is like I really do like tattoos but I don't want my entire body and face tattooed entirely. 
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14 Responses Mar 11, 2011

im with you too. Too much is too much. Especially when they start to interfere with having good sex!

And piercings are more mainstream than they used to be.

he he I would rather be the bearded lady than the piercing freak lol.

:) well in some things too much is too much. ((giggles))

I'm with you, too much is just too much...


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Good desc<x>ription

Haha those are what I call "personal piercings" lol

I guess it really is personal preference. I like a nose ring in one nostril on a woman but don't like the look of it through the middle of the nose like a bull. I think its sexy to have some piercings that only certain people get to see :)


Ewww I don't like those nose rings either, I just want to pull them out every time I see them lol.

Yeah, I find most mouth (lips or tongue) piercings to be unattractive, as well as nose rings. A little nose stud is okay (although still not preferable), but it's actual nose RINGS that I find gross.

Good point. I have piercings but not all over my face and i have none that are gaping holes. I do wonder how much is too much.

It's interesting really. When does freedom of ex<x>pression cross the boundary into a cry for attention? Hmmm.....