My Mind Controls Me..

I feel a lot of times that my mind controls me through thoughts..It never stops thinking..and it thinks mostly either of past things or future things..Its always what I did and I should not have done like that..or of future what I should do and what would happen if things dont go my way..It just keeps on thinking..I find it difficult to fall asleep because I keep on thinking..While watching tv or listening music I am able not to concentrate on my thoughts and its kind of relief..but I am getting tired of thinking too much..I try directing my thinking but it wud happen only for few minutes..then again some other thought will come and my mind takes over and i lose control..Its helpful that I can identify when that starts happening but its too much struggle..I want to relax and have peace..hoping to find a way..
trying2keepup trying2keepup
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 24, 2010

Sound like you have to much free time on your hands. Try harness the thought process through college, or a think-tank job. You have an ability that millions of people do not have, so they work with their hands, and you get to use your brain.