Thinking Too Much?

So I'm sure one of you has wondered this at one point or another, but... Do you know if smart people know that they're smart? (They may or may not) Do dumb people know that they are dumb? (They probably don't). Because I always think about work and people and family and opportunities to do things that would better my future, but I only end up getting some certain amount accomplished and end up finishing everyday thinking that I am an idiot and cussing myself out in my head. Is this normal amongst anyone? Do you ever replay situations in your head and end up finding multiple paths that would have led to a better outcome after the fact? Any advice on how to not think this way? Sometimes I end up thinking about how I can think more efficiently to get more out of my present situation to afford a better future. I dunno... I guess I am asking too many questions but I dont suppose you brainiacs could help me out in helping me think better eh?
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2 Responses Aug 29, 2010

The mind is like a railway train, extremely powerful and there to be enjoyed. If the train comes off the rails it can do a massive amount of damage. It needs tracks for the safety of bystanders and the driver and passengers. In this way the mind needs "tracks", to keep it safe and going in the right direction. The mind needs training sometimes or starts to runaway. It can take the form of guidance. It is for the individual concerned to seek the guidance from books, people, anywhere they can. But be careful there are wolves about as well. This is where discernment comes in.

I too think alot , all the time my mind races getting ahead of itself and driving me crazy at times . yesterday am I prayed that God would direct my thoughts for the day and again today I asked this of Him and both days have run so much smother and I am more focused as well. I had to spend a life not asking that in the morning? And as I say , as I understand the saying..." We don't know what we don't know , we don't know".Ya know?