Brain Meltdown

hi im a guy late thirties straight and i think i have thought so hard its screwed my brain up. i used to analyze everything what will i wear how much will that cost what do i look like am i ugly? what will i do when i get in, maybe its a sign of a nervous unconfidant person.
i always was on the outside "never was i one of the boys" the loser in the corner through school, girls would never look at me.
so i found it hard to get women in my twenties, i got to 32 and i had a big fit a big seizure upstairs one night, i went to hospital
they put it down to stress so a month later i had a big fit again in my room, they then said i had developed epilepsy and i have had it since.
so i dont know if i screwed up my brain myself or i just developed i have 3 to 4 small seizures a month, thats now, 5-6 years ago i used to have big fits in the street etc i would fall and hit my head. i have tried about 20 different meds but none of them mom says i could of brought it on with my lifestyle does anybody have any clues?
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I don't know what causes it sometimes nothing, I used to have epilepsy too, it started when I was 21 just out of the blue like yours did, luckily my doctor put me on Lamotrigine and it was controlled. I had it for six years and as strangely as it started, the fits stopped and I don't take any meds now. I don't know why they started but I do feel for you especialy when you fit and other people are watching, it's so embarrassing. My cousin was the same, had really bad epilepsy and she was photosensitive too. She lives on the Isle of weight. Once she had a fit on the islands runway so they had to stop the plane lol. She just grew out of it too. I like what Hikingman said, I would probably tell you similar but he said it better than I can lol :o)

thank u baby kels

wow i hope things get better for you and you not bad looking at all