I Was Just Thinking . . .

I found out a few months ago that not everyone thinks all of the time. I was like, what?!  Really?  I don't know if it was totally true, but I know I think all of the time.  I shared some of my thoughts with a trusted adult in my life, and she was puzzled as to where my thoughts come from, she asked me if I just sit around thinking about these things.  Yes I do.  I think about life, and time, and physics, and dance, and people, and animals, and I wonder, and I question, and I talk to myself about things. . . and I just think and think and think.    But I like it.  I like to wonder about the world and what might be and who I am and how I relate to things and perception.  I just enjoy being curious mostly.  I like to read books about things I know nothing about and then try to peace together thoeries, and then go searching for things that relate to my theories.  I like to discuss my thoughts too, but so many people don't want to hear them.  *sigh* their loss. 

Recently I've been thinking about time and space, relativity, and movement through time.  Now I am off on thinking about eco-friendly things, Go green!!  I obsess, that's what I do, and how I get on with my life.  I think, therefore I am.  Yes, yes indeed.

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How very wonderful to know that there are others who think about everything all the time. I have been a thinker for as long as I can remember - I think about that too HA! The nicest thing is that I'm never bored. Ever. There's always something to think about . I'm 45 and I really like this about myself. Peace.

And I'm an INTJ with a bit of ENTJ mixed in ;-)

You are an interesting person.

Well Bina, you're not alone ;) <br />
By the way if you're into space and physics, you must also be into quantum physics.. pretty interesting

I absolutely get your point because I think from the moment I wake up until I sleep at night. I think when I'm bathing, waiting for the bus, on the bus and sometimes even during a lecture. I don't think it's a bad think to be so obsessed with thinking. It can be tiring but it makes us more organize, observant, and analytical person.

Do you ever think about what you think?<br />
E.g. Thinking about a concept and seeing it just as you thought it. And its implications, and what it could mean. And then thinking about the implications about your implications.....<br />
And I like how you don't see your constant thinking as a burden. Social conditioning didnt catch you then.<br />
Good on you.

Musicalcat22, you are definitely not alone. :) It's hard to remember sometimes, and irl I find it even harder than on online, because the majority of the people like me are online looking for people like us. haha. Yes, I think think think about everything, I don't talk and lecture much because of the neg reactions I get, it's painful to not be accepted for who you are. But I form theories and think and think all the time. I suppose we are normal. Though I think that is very relative. It is always nice to find people who are similar to you. That is why I love EP!

I dont beleive it. I thought it was only me. I see myself in your question. I'm not the only one.Yess. Do you mean to say that you think think think think about the world? the people? thie things? the earth? the universe? the beginning? EVERYTHING? do you form theories? do you talk a lot and lecture a lot? get your head paining bcoz all you do in your pass time is THINK? Are you like me? Am I like you or all the other users commenting below me?<br />
Oh my god.<br />
That means its Normal.<br />
We're normal.Youre normal, I'm normal.<br />

Sometimes I seem absent minded and a airhead because I forget what I'm supposed to do while I'm thinking deeply and resolving issues in my head. I forget what I'm doing on the outside. Now that I'm older I'm afraid that this "abnormal" behavior will be taken as a sign of dementia.Actually I find that most people especially younger, although functioning very efficiently and very quickly performing tasks, seem to almost completely lacking analytical and independent thinking, basic common sense and logic. This I find, makes them pretty vulnerable to manipulation by religious and political powers , the media and corporate marketing to name a few..

I don't (think) that I think any less either.. but more it seems (from my own experience) that I get in touch with the rhythm of everything when I step back from my thoughts.. hard to explain, that's just my own impressions :)

Well, isnt that an assumption. Personally I believe in the beauty and essence of now. I can think of presently relevant topics at all times. Doesnt mean I think any less.

Meditation helps us to realize that our thoughts aren't who we are. When we get caught up in thoughts, we are often living in the past (thinking about what already happened) or in the future (thinking about what is to come/ what may happen). When we get caught up with thought patterns, we miss much of what is happening right now in front of us, in the present moment.

I cant even imagine what it'd be like to not think for any period of time. Short of those waking hours when you didnt get any sleep and all you can think is "****."I cant stop thinking. Every action is considered, every move is calculated. I cant understand living otherwise. Also, Im amazed its not something people enjoy more.

I'm not an expert, but meditation isn't about disconnection.. quite the opposite, it's about connecting with your inner essence.

I took that test a year and a half ago for a class at school and I just took it again to make sure (i've changed a lot in the past year) but it is definitely still the same. I am an INFJ. ; )<br />
I do have a ton of trouble getting to sleep, I always have. I'm afraid to meditate though. I'm concerned about disconnecting myself more than I already am, it's sort of a problem I have. It's quite bizarre. But I find comfort in my thoughts, probably more so than if I didn't think. I really take Descartes' idea seriously, possibly more so than I should. But things are in a constant state of change, so . . . <br />
(And I am personally glad to hear anyone's types that want to share.) ;)

Well, ok then.. but remember, I'm a feeling type *sniff, sniff*.. ;)

Yes I have.. I'm an INFP

I'm the same way.. sometimes my brain just won't shut up when I need it to (like trying to get to sleep! lol). My thoughts can sometimes get out of control and 'run away with me'. The problem when this happens is it takes us away from the present moment and finding a place of peace. I'm learning to meditate.. which I think of as a vacation, of sorts, from constant thoughts. For myself, anyways, I need to find a balance between my thought world and the present moment where beauty, joy and peace reside.