My Worlds...

I mostly just make little worlds and play through real-life events. Or make up my own events. Sometimes I'm a dictator, other times I'm in Aperture Science. (I get a lot of inspiration form games) Or I'm in my "mind palace" as I call it. It's pretty much a house that I control everythign about. It's very nice, but a pity that I can't show anyone. I figure out a lot of life's mysteries when I'm "home", for instance, did you know that the meaning of life is [CENSORED BY SOPA CENSORED BY SOPA CENSORED BY SOPA CENSORED BY SOPA] ? I was playing with my imaginary cat when I found that out. Just kidding. You can't find the meaning of life, because it's different for everyone. Mine could be whatever-it-is-because-I-haven't-figured-it-out-yet, and yours could be finding the TARDIS or something. That is one thing I actually did figure out when I was playing with my imaginary cat in my "mind palace". When I was eight. :)
TheOneWithManyNames TheOneWithManyNames
Nov 27, 2012