I think of the word me as meaning my mind. my thought processes and the synapses that control me. On that note its come to my conclusion that our bodies are nothing more then bio-mechanical objects intended to serve the brain, and the brain wants food. Think about every single piece of your body. What's important? your hair? your eyes? your *** or genitals? its really not. its all there to serve the brain. The brain is your master. No one else.

So under this concept you have to realize that the only part of you that you REALLY control is your brain. Your choices to have thoughts and your learned dispositions to situations. You have the power to choose at any given time how you are going to react. So its fairly easy to be nice to people. I like the way it makes me feel. Being rude or intentionally mean to someone seems more like it takes effort that I can be spending thinking about my next big topic.

Whereas being wholly superficial and caring about looking like the ******** on TV is well beyond my concepts of thinking. I mean, yeah, I dont want to be aesthetically offensive. so I cut my hair and brush my teeth. Make sure I look clean. I fail to get why you'd get body mods, buy expensive fashion clothes, get overly elaborate hair colors or styles. I mean, if you're bored that all fine and dandy, sometimes I do weird **** when Im bored. I also dont expect anyone to care or notice though.


With this thought process in mind, Id like to hear your theories of why a hug would feel good. It is after all just 2 machines embracing one another.

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1 Response Sep 1, 2008

The brain apparently needs other things that the body can't give it...maybe that's why hugs feel good? my theory of life, there are just two purposes for mankind. The first is to procreate to ensure survival of the species...the second is to acquire knowledge. Both of these are driven by the brain, but the body is still needed to make them happen.