On Or On?

My mind NEVER shuts up. I'm always thinking of something, most of the time 18652947509264 things at once. My brain is frying and I can't even imagine what my neurons are doing and how exhausted their connections are! Give me a little piece of info & I will elaborate on it in my head until... something else comes and something else and else... The older I get, the more things I have to think about b/c of added experiences and knowledge. I mean, I love thinking, but often I feel my head hot. I would reduce it a little, if I could. Oh wait, I can! I could take on meditation. That's the best solution to stop your mind. And did you hear that only in the quietness of the mind one can really comprehend who he/she is? Maybe that's why I'm in the haze...
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I know that feel, bro.

I've read the Power of Now & other books as well. Good stuff. But it's still not enough. I guess in my case it's the matter of doing, not only reading...

I was referring to something called "centering prayer", which, though it takes a name as a type of prayer, is all about "listening". ( Which is a characteristic that I attribute more to the general category of "meditation" than I do the general category of "prayer". )

I'm much better now. I'd like to know what technique that's not called meditation you're referring to.<br />
I'm in the process of a change in my life, including straightening out my head, so it's working.

I don't know if you care to know this or not, but a contemplative person would point out that it was due to your false self that you constantly have thoughts running through your head. The whole contemplative 'take' on it is really quite interesting, if you are open minded enough to check it out.<br />
<br />
Incidentally, there is a specific type of meditation (thought it's not called 'meditation') that involves not trying to stop your thoughts, but trying to release every thought that comes to mind without engaging it. Believe me when I say that's hard enough on it's own. I have heard that it can be used to slow the thoughts down, though.

I want to stop it when I'm overwhelmed with thinking, not stop it forever. Thinking is OK, but when it becomes a burden, it makes life more difficult not easier. <br />
Meditation is an option, but I'm a lazy a$$, so I make up excuses not to meditate (I'm too tired, too busy, don't feel like it...). I should start meditating though, maybe I'll see the benefits & wouldn't wanna stop. And maybe my mind won't be killing me on the daily basis either

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Haha, you're just like me... I have trouble sleeping just because I think so much... :P