Thinking Without Thinking

I am a perpetual thinker myself.  Traditionally I had always used logical thinking to the max.

It's important to realize, however, that there are two types of thinking: what we usually call "thinking" and what we usually call "intuition".  You see, as powerful as our thought processes are, the best way to "think" is without thinking.  If you just wait for an answer to pop into your head, you will get the best answers.  In your "gut," don't you know that to be true?

For a better explanation of what I'm saying check out the book or audiobook blink.  For tips on developing your intuition, see the audiobook The Einstein Factor.

NeoAwakens NeoAwakens
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2007

Intuition, like logical thinking, works whether you are asking a question or not. You can ask, "Do I trust him?" then meditate and get an answer. However, you can just meditate and things will come to you. The Einstein Factor gave an example of a person who said he couldn't do the visual streaming exercise. He couldn't see anything. Actually he kept seeing an image of a tire. When he finally admitted this, he said he was frustrated because he couldn't see anything meaningful. When asked what it MIGHT mean, he suddenly realized that it reminded him of his fiancee's tire. A quick phone call confirmed that her tire was worn and about to blow. His subconscious knew his fiancee was at risk, but his mind did not! The book bl<x>ink has numerous other examples of how intuition works better than logic. There is definitely a place for logic. Don't get me wrong. However, there is no substitute for intuition in many other cases.

It's relevant, when you're looking for an answer. But most of the time, my thinking involves going round and round, over and over some thoughts/pictures/images/concepts, etc. that don't imply answers. For example, I'm thinking about some people, what they said, where they went, what I did, what I felt, thinking about thinking, universe, its ex<x>pressions. Sometimes I'm looking for answers, but that's not the point.