My bestfriend wants to commit suicide and he says it's my fault
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Your best friend is a guy?


It's not your fault at all. When your suicidal your not thinking rationally (it feels like you are though) and can be impulsive. You are not held responsible for his actions unless you are the one physically harming him in someway or the one to kill him. Seeming as your not doing that try to stay calm and be there for him. Being a friend to someone dealing with mental illnesses is very hard but it's a very noble thing to do and when he comes out of his depression he will be very grateful that you were by his side.

I will defiantly try that thanks!

Its not ur fault he's just been bewitched

I hope so!

Wow .... *hugs*

Thanks *hugs*

It's absolutely not your fault.

I hope not!

There is no way of truly knowing what goes on their head but them. You should see if he wants help.

I did and he told me to gtfo of life

Aww I'm sorry. There is nothing you could have done or said to cause him to say that that to you.

I sure hope not thanks for all the help! It means a lot

No problem love you may message me if you need anymore help. I'm so here for you. Stay strong ❤️

Will do❤️ love you too! And if u need me I'll be here as well!

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that's bad. don't listen

It's hard not to