Always Thinking...

I've always been this way so until it was pointed out to me I never knew I was doing something that not everyone does. I've always been the type that thinks about everything and anything. I want to know why and how? why something works and how it works. No matter what it is. From machines to the human mind. I'm a very observant person. A good friend of mine is like this too and so was able to tell me she knows that I do it to. But I can enter in to any room and at any given time I know who's in the room (if not by name then by face) I know what everyone around me is doing and I always know of a quick exit. I pay very close attention to everything around me. And I'm good at remembering small details about people or places or situations. And then later I'm really good at recalling those details. For some random reason I'll remember the color of belt a man I saw 3 months ago was wearing all because I happen to hear a story that reminded me of one that I heard when I saw him. (did that explanation give you a head ache cause I think it did me lol).

I think in depth and great detail. I analyze everything and anything. As far as I'm concerned there is a deeper meaning and reason for everything (even though I don't always voice it). If I see someone act a certain way or say a certain thing I believe there's a reason behind it and I'm usually really good at figuring it out.

So now that I think about it this might explain all the head aches lol jk

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2 Responses Aug 18, 2007

Me and you are alike. I also think and analyse everything all the time, to me it is as if one of the main purposes of my life, beside finding true love, is to obtain as much knowledge about as much as possible on earth. Granted, one of the most important things in life is to find a good job, but other than that the most important thing in life is to find a good partner and to be able to gain knowledge about everything.

I get like that sometimes, at least as far as the thinking about things bit goes. Definitely not quite as observant as all that, details tend to slip by at times. Perhaps the picture is a bit fuzzier... I think I'm still in good shape as far as the big ideas are concerned though.