TV - the Beauty of Seeing Ugly

 I was really young once, once I remember hugging the big family TV and it indeed fell for me! On top of me I mean... mummy had to rescue me from it. Ouch.

I was really embarrassed twice, three times as many millions of seconds went away elsewhere from there, then... in college when I was a teeny teenager and didn't know how to play my body in an influential, instrumental kinda way y'know I was the 1 that went red faced when perplexed etc.

I slowly grew and confidence came and went, with it exams passed and I found myself squandering for success... "WHERE? HOW? WHY?" (this is true but a bit prosey rosey for all those readers loving such ****... I esp.h8 it myself and also that performance poetry screwball **** - sorry)

TV anyway - listening, seeing, absorbing, observing... don't do too much! I mean if ur 10 years old at the latest u probably still have hope. Slipknot and taylor in particular were right, its gone baby... gone. I have been influenced. I wish I stimulated my imagination by book form better and more often than when I was glued to TV and videojuegos. Listening is good but I have forgotten how to switch off and daydream and completely lose myself in sassy clouds with busty brunettes inside the fluffy whiteness with both legs spread and etc etc.

Sorry. I'm sick. Bipolar. Agitated. Ugly (not fat... girls call me cute but I wanna be more manly and less like an emotional rollercoaster wreck)

Anxiety=awareness slash anticipation... I h8 being the 1 of many ppl to use the word 'balance' but it is vital (killers) (media) (frenzy) (music is okay though right?)



Mar 22, 2009