I Wear a Kilt Almost Daily

I have worn a Utlikilt almost since they were invented in the Seattle area. I have been approached by women, guys. TV reporters, ********, gays, and even dogs, I am a very secure male, and yes f i am having a bad day if a guy asks I will tell them his wife is under them or if its a lady and I can see she is cool I will say her boyfriend or husband...That usuall gets a laugh....

I do like my boys swinging free..I am pierced on my bagpipes and on my willy, so when he swings you can hear it like keys clanging.... 

I probably have sold many Utlikilts for the company as I keep business cards and give them mostly to women as they want ther guys to wear on


bispeedo bispeedo
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 22, 2009

Fantastic story! I have a couple of SportKilts myself, as well as an expensive handmade one and a couple of great kilts.