Surprise Naked Party

a bunch of friends were gathered in my apartment, and as we waited for the last guest to show up, i joked that we should all get naked, and when she came in, just act natural and tell her it was a naked party to see what she did. we were all young and a little high, and eventually, after some bargaining and cajoling, we all ******** down. sitting around with my friends - mostly co-workers - naked in my apartment was exciting, and i wasn't the only guy sporting wood. when carol came up the stairs and thru the door, she stopped, a bit stunned, and asked what was going on. "oh, didn't i tell you? it's a naked party. come on in." she came right in, and ******** right down - much to everyone's surprise. we spent the rest of the night naked. it got to feel pretty normal, and we have since had several naked parties. just adding a little bit of spice.
zenhead zenhead
51-55, M
Jan 10, 2013