Bottomless Party

How about a bottomless party.  Everyone must be naked below the waist but clothed from the waist up.  It is expected that party participants will be touching and exploring each others genitals.

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I would love it. However, I'd only want to touch and be touched by females
only. I would want to be sure that it's a straights only gathering for me to
attend myself.

I loved to go to a no pants party . I was once the only one naked at a party and it was asome.

Our nudist club had something like this once. We had a 50's sock hop. The men and boys wore white dress shirts and nothing else besides slicked down hair. No pants. The women and girls wore long, full skirts with petticoats and no tops. Lots of fun.

Without the blindfold it's fine even better and I would like to see a lot of girlsā€¼

I went to a swingers club once and most everyone had no pants on after a while. I dont think one girl had panties on when they took there dresses off! Was a wonderful time.

Great idea. Where is there going to be one of these parties.

I would guess these parties are a fun time...I sure would love to attend one.

that sounds fun i imagine it would be

A home nudist party was set up at friends' home a few months ago where everyone was blindfolded, each for about a half hour. We had to guess who the other guests were - unless it was someone we couldn't have known - by touch.<br />
<br />
I correctly guessed only one of the guys and one woman out of 15 or 20 couples, but it was a fun time. Guess no one has thought to do this since, although we attend about one party a month at various homes.

Great idea. But I'm short, fat & ugly. Don't invite me.

Sounds like fun! I am looking forward to participating in parties like this!

Send me the address<br />
<br />
Kane =}

Send me the address<br />
<br />
Kane =}

They're pretty much just what you'd expect.<br />
<br />
The only rule is 'no pants allowed'.<br />
<br />
Guys mostly wear boxers. There's the occasional tighty-whitey.<br />
<br />
For girls it's mostly undies or men's boxers. I wore boxers to my first one, and boyshorts to my second. There are usually a few less adventurous types who wear skirts or gym shorts. I've also seen togas, bikinis, bathrobes, and even a few babydolls.<br />
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It's pretty much like any other party...minus the pants...and with all the playfulness that comes with being at a party sans pants.

tell me more about the pantsless parties

I like the blindfold idea.<br />
<br />
I've been to two pantsless parties, but never a bottomless party. Not quite as adventurous, but still kinda cool.

now that sounds interesting :)