I Need Assistance

I am a young lady of 28years old. I am from a poor home. My dad could not take care of me and my siblings but my mum tried her little best which could only avail an Associate Degree in Public Relations of which i have not been able to go for induction in order to be a member. This has however, limited or hindered my chances of getting a good job for myself except menial jobs which does not give me joy or satisfaction. I find it difficult to get help from anyone without wanting to take advantage of me.
As i write, i am homeless and jobless. I can hardly feed myself and as a result, i have lost weight and cannot even help my mum solve her problems.
I just need a sincere and kind person to bail me out. No help rendered is too small.
Tytylorlah Tytylorlah
26-30, F
Feb 16, 2013