Don't Complain About Our Generation; Your Generation Raised Us.

I truly feel that I'm discriminated against on EP because of my age. It bothers me because there's this negative stigma attached to my generation and I often feel offended if I'm not taken seriously. I feel like I'm always fighting to prove a point. It's my biggest pet peeve on this website.

I am an old soul. I'm not a twenty year old at heart. I don't do twenty year old things, I don't run around drunk, I don't cause trouble, I don't worry about dating. I'm self sufficient and independent. I go to class, I do work, and I relax. I have my own individual priorities, goals, and daily worries.

You don't know me. You have never met me. You don't know where I come from, what I do on a daily basis, and you certainly don't know what I've been through.

It's really bad that I say this, but I feel that people do take me seriously on here because my mother died. I hate that. I've always been the same person. No changing has gone on in these last however many years. I was talking like this and typing like this at the age of fourteen, offering the same advice to people as I would now. I had the same argument then as I did now.

I appreciate those who do value my opinion. I've met amazing people on here who really guide me through my personal and everyday struggles without discriminating against me based on a silly number.

I realize that some people do live up to the negative stigma and I hate to see that. But I've also noticed that there are older people who are a lot more immature than the people in my age range. I feel like the age competition is comparable to the competition between a doctor/lawyer and someone working a factory job. It's silly. "I have a degree from here, so I'm better than you." Same goes with age. "I'm 40 something and you're 20 something so my opinion trumps your opinion. I've been through more life than you." It's not scientifically proven that you're any smarter or better than me and it never will be. But if it makes you feel better, go for it.

We're all individuals and go through each of our own individual experiences. At the end of the day, that's what matters. We both live a life and get by day to day in our own unique ways.

I don't discriminate on age. If you're below my age group and demonstrate that you're articulate and have opinions, then you're the same as me. We're equals. No questions asked.

The end.

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2 Responses Apr 5, 2010

Try to be more understanding as to WHY people feel a certain way. Enjoy the fact that you can see beyond. Part of applying wisdom is applying your understanding. Also, look within. Is there any chance you could be discriminating too? Best of luck! Oh here's a quote of old Indian wisdom: The ignorant man is angry, the wise man understands.

age is truly just a number. At 33 i felt the need to announce my age publicly & irrelevantly,just for fun.felt that it was only 5 year olds and 95 year olds who chose to announce their age with pride. In between those ages it was only mentioned if you did something atypical for your age group like buying real estate in your teens or becoming a grandparent at 30. Anyway, I have mature young friends, immature old friends& every other combination & i believe you can feel free to be whoever you want to be at any age, no need to let a low or high age number be an excuse. Some will always find a way to discriminate or peg others as above/below themselves or others- age, life experiences like travel, parenting or education, race, dollars, job title, gender,the list is endless. You know the pegs are meaningless in the scheme of things so maybe we can hope & even help the peggers recognise some truth in that when they're ready too