The Power

I do not know if you know someone who always wakes up with a face as if they are going to a funeral, they have been their whole day with a sad face and every time when they talk is to complain about something…

There are people who have lost all the hope and can’t see any light in their lives anymore, they have lost the joy of living. I know after so many failures it is difficult to stand up again, but we can't give up and we have to give ourselves another chance and rediscover the meaning of our beings. Sometimes we lose track for what we want and we just run after things that don’t full filled our hearts, but they bring us more sadness and a huge emptiness. When we let those things take control of us, then we lose the joy and feel lost.

Unfortunately the society of today doesn’t want us to be the owner of ourselves, many times it is the opposite, it make us to feel as “marionettes”, it make us to do think what other people want and not what we really want. Every day we are submitted of the endless commercial spots. Some advertising doesn’t  help or show what is better for us, but it induces us to buy products that many times we don’t even need. What matters is that we buy... 

The first step to rediscover the joy of living is to be in the command of our proper life, to be capable to stop when we think is right and to know we don’t need many things to be able to smile. 

I remember last year I worked as an assistant in a project where colleagues came from all kind of nationalities. One day, a colleague came and said thank you to me. I confess that I was surprise and thinking what did I do to deserve it, then he said: “I want to say thank you for your smile that you show every morning, your joy of living” In that moment I didn’t know what to say, I know for sure I had my cloudy days, but after it I have realized that a simple smile touched the life of that man. 

For long time I thought about that episode. Later I understood a smile has the power that many words don’t have. One of the prettiest gestures we can give is the joy of living, without having the fear to smile. When we meet a stranger in the street, why to deviate from their glances? Wouldn’t be easier just to smile? Believe me, sometimes is not easy for me either, but I try to live life to the fullest, not letting my downs to affect me (sometimes it takes a bit longer!), I remember the good things and I find a way to smile again, I love living and there is nothing better than it. I know some people have difficulties to do it, but when you find someone on your path, give a smile and who knows you have just brightened their day!

My goal: Smile at people I meet.

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5 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Thank you for this story TEP ... lovely and so true!!

Lovely story always great wisdom u share..made me *SMILE* smiles are lov..nice goal.. ur smile is *Beautiful*

You are so right. Beautiful and intelligent and a wonderful smile. Thanks for your story and bringing a mile to me. (((((Hugs)))))

Smiles! XOXO

funny thing to me is often smiling at others, and getting their smile back can bring the light back.<br />
<br />
If we smile hiding the cloudy day, soon teh sun is back. The smile holds great power as does the encouraging word.<br />
<br />
I certainly understand that persons appreciation for your smile to brighten the days. You ahve done so countless times in my days with your words. I thank you with all sincerity.<br />
<br />
share a smile<br />
<br />
on a sad note my wife thinks it strange that i am smiling at people and strive to be cheerful.<br />
I do wish she could learn the obvious, but everyone is unique in their own ways.