A Little Smile Goes A Long Way

today i felt sad. for reasons i couldnt work out really. i went to work and everyone seemed miserable there too. i couldnt wait to get home, to shut my door and forget about the day. my bus was late so ended waiting around for a long, long time. a man i dont know came to stand near me. he turned and smiled at me and asked if i was ok. i realised he was the only person who had! all day long!! it made me feel happier. i know he didnt really care but it helped and lifted my spirits a little. it was a kind gesture and i appreciated it. small things hey....

cloudlessworld cloudlessworld
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2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

a great story, been there so often - one problem is in London people do not welcome strangers saying anything!

this i like! made me smile all over again : )