The Forgotton

It is sad to think of anybody spending christmas alone but even sadder when they do it year round. It is a sad thing that here in America that almost all of us know of an elderly person that has been pushed aside and forgotton. They sit at home all day by a phone that never ring's or watch the mailman walk past their home day after day. They give all their life and when many feel they have nothing left to give or just dont want to be bothered they are dumped in a nursing home to live out their day's alone. They ask very little but just a little of your time, a phone call or maybe a card or letter but sit alone in silence. Time stand's still for no one and one day you may find yourself in just such a sad place wondering why you have been forgotton but you wont remember that you did the same thing to another.
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Thank You for reading and commenting ptinsky. We are not talking about somthing invisible here because to push somthing aside you must first see it. It is a fact that age stand's still for no one no matter how you choose to TRY to ignore it. People are not invisible some just choose not to see. My Best

So how do we change human indifference to the invisible? How? Those with health and youth cannot abide the nearness of age - for it foretells of their own mortality. I think it's natural., sad, and will continue. Perhaps in a few hundred thousand years, if we suceed as a species, we'll have evolved the instinct to share, to love without conditions, to help, heal, and hope. Always, hope.

Thank You for reading and commenting Miss Owlie. It saddened my heart as I wrote this yet it is a sad truth here today. It take's but a few minute's to pick up a phone and brighten another's day. Kinda hard to say you dont have time when most everybody today have a cell phone that they can use anywhere. My Best.

So true made me sad to read this honest post. That's exactly what goes on .I called my elderly neighbor, Leroy ." Hi,' what ya doing? I ask. His reply was , " Just sitting here waiting to die". That's it in a nut shell. He was almost 90 & his family lived in Kentucky.We were in Florida..they rarely called him & visited maybe twice a year.