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I was just Junior in College about a few semesters ago. This class is about the human anatomy. We drew bones, muscle content, and flesh. Little did I know I stepped into a class that was part of drawing NUDE models. We had this about almost every other week.

But our first model was a woman about 5'4, maybe 23 years old. Her body was really toned out, meaning this girl was in shape with just a tad bit sagging in her stomach around the navel. When she undressed herself like it was nothing, I stared at her with shock, thinking how could she do this in front of a room of 12 or so students? However, the more I drew naked models, the model I actually forgot that they were naked. In fact, I became so bored with drawing naked models. My arms would often be very tired. That's how used to it I was. But the coolest thing about our professor was that he told us that if we had a problem with naked people, we just need to get over it. It's part of life and it's not like we were all born clothed. I loved his cold demeanor towards Gymnophobias. And I could tell he really appreciated the beauty of the human body.

Men were very tough to draw becuase they had more body mass and muscle tone. It seemed like I was drawing more curves all over the place. We had more male models then females, which upset my male classmates :p. But it did not matter the size, height, thickness or color tone of their bodies. I thought "man, God sure knew what he was doing". This one woman was about 5'4 and she was chubby. She had no muscle toning in her. But she had the most gorgeous face with really nice long hair. She posed like a Greek goddess. She was the most beautiful mode we ever had.
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I also prefer drawing women, I have done some self portraits and it is very difficult. I posted some on my profile if you care to look, add me. I'd like to see your work. Any self portraits? Have you done any modelling?

I'm an admirer of the human body also, especially female. I just like them healthy, not extraordinarily muscular (especiay women), not skin and bones like anorexic or balemic but not grossly obese but anywhere from petite, flat-chested, small-breasted to maybe a healthy 34d (or is it 34dd?) to a little muscular (for men) or a little chubby is just fine to me. I'm not sure how this classifies me, at least 90% heterosexual, %? homosexual. I admire a nice healthy nude male but I don't necessarily really want to have sex with him (0% with children, adorable regardless of what they're wearing or not, doesn't make me a *********).