A Womans Body

Here is the issue. Too many women have body issues. Men too.......... We are slaves to the media thinking that what we look at in magzines or TV tell us what the perfect body should be. That's bullshit! I've seen truly beautiful women who are soft and curvy, some that have what we would call a few extra pounds, some who are skinny or super fit. The truth is they are all beautful in their own way. In fact i see super models who have the body of 12 year old boys with ****! And women want to look like this? I think most men who are honest and genuine like a woman with those soft curves and a body you can melt into and not worry about breaking.
Some when are heavy yet have such a strong self confidence is makes them incredibly sexy while others who have hard bodies lack so many things that make them so unappealing.

To all women out there................. You're all beautiful in your own way.
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Wow that was very nice!!!! I am a Woman that has issues with trying to be thinner...I just Really wish for the" flat before the kids were born belly" lol..Thank God my hubby is Half blind or half nuts lol He always tells me I am beautiful ..Who cares about a little around the middle..

Hey. As long as your man thinks your beautiful, then that\'s all the better. A real woman has curves. Holy crap I used to have a 6pack back in the day. Now it\'s more like a keg!!!

Thank you! Well said! I think a beautiful body is for each of us what that fills our imagination and not what magazines or TV suggest ...

that's right. we have been brainwashed i think. Hell everybody has something that hate about themselves and we don't need the media to make us feel even worse right? and the more we like ourselves the more sexy we will be everybody else around us.

I can not agree enough.

You know the, "does my bum look big in this" thing? When a man says No, he's not saying it looks small, he's saying he appreciates it just the way it is.

amen brother!

Thank you for the awesome post to women...yes all women are beautiful..no matter what size ..shape or color..I wish all women would realize this..but you are right society plays a huge factor in the way we see ourselve!

we all feel it. yes men too. and I am one that fights that crap myself!

Thank you! It took me forever to realize most men are like you - that they can appreciate the beauty of women who aren't right out of Vogue magazine. Learning that deep in your heart is transformational! It frees you to be sexy in your own way, and that confidence is beautiful.


Confidence is sooooooooooooo sexy! yes. most men don't like those skinny super models! We like real women!

You are right. So hard to feel confident sometimes though. But as I age I see what is real and learn to love it. I hope to get to a place where I can feel like I look nice. Thanks for your insight. :)

you are very welcome!