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I feel as if I have lost one of my best friends. I have been a very active member of AB since 2008. My name there is/was BaileysMom12. I left for a while after the fiasco in 2009 with the format change. Came back a little later and it was doing well again. Jumped right back into the fun! It was great for a long time, then management changed and it all started going down hill again. Trolls and
Sub-Trolls (they are worse than regular trolls) began coming out of the woodwork.
Users are harassing each other, users are calling other users stupid and crazy. I can only take so much of that. One member can only post questions that insult or belittle other users. She calls everyone stupid and tell everyone to stay away from her questions. Others are doing the same thing. A member can post a humorous question and the trolls descend on them for being stupid (opinion only shared by the other trolls) and blasts them for not asking a SERIOUS question.
I posted a question that said; What does bacon NOT go good with?, it was getting quite a few responses. Someone decided to report it as a duplicate question (that's happened to me before and I just shrugged and ignored it) and it got merged with; If someone loves bacon but wants to eat healthy, is Turkey Bacon a good substitute? Totally different in every way. I sent an email to the staff asking them to look at the difference and reinstate my question, something I had NEVER done before. I get an email back stating that they can no longer un-merge the questions. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!! If they are going to merge them, shouldn't they at least look to see if they ARE duplicates??
I still go there to check messages and maybe I'll answer a question or leave a comment but that about it. I have no intentions of being as active as I was, and I was a VERY active member.
Sock puppets are rampant on there as well. The new management said they went through all the accounts and deleted the sock puppets.....hummmm...there were more than ever after that statement came out. You never know who you are really interacting with over there any longer. I will now spend the majority of my time going back and forth between here and answer mug. Answer Bag has really gone down hill fast. My only problem with this site is I cannot leave comments. I can ask questions and answer questions but when I try to comment on an answer, it doesn't post. That irritates me, I want to comment and be involved in threads but it doesn't work. It works when I am on my phone but it's too hard to use my phone for this site. Does anyone know how I can fix this? If I can't leave comments, my time spent here will be VERY limited as well.

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I so agree with you Mom, that's why I left - that site has turned into a steaming pile of Yahoo Answers...

I know exactly why you mean. Madizon

Hi Madizon!! GREAT to see you here!

To many Toxic people allowed to post offensive content
Castrate's Profile It's folks just like this that make AB a Toxic Waste Dump.

Well said and yes, AB has taken a dive into the gutter and sockpuppets are more numerous than ever, yet Tu does nothing much about most of them, there is one that has at least 3 clones, Jack/adam/wilford/dover who has made numerous threats on users with these accounts, yet Tu, does nothing to stop them, except maybe the PB.<br />
As far as the technical issues, if it works on your phone then that points the problem is on your computer, perhaps, clear cache, enable cookies, check your firewall and malware protection settings or even your browser settings I had a wierd problem on my friends computer, where I have been at for over a week now (as I have been away for almost 2 weeks soon from my computer) anyway my gmail would not send from internet explorer but would from firefox and chrome...try using EP and commenting from a different browser if all else fails.

I was able to comment on you story. I switched to IE. I normally use Google Chrome. I guess that was the problem. It's showing more option buttons under the posts as well.