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I fully agree with all of you. I was not even there very long when Wellduh started accusing me of being Bornabrit-and she just keeps it up and up! I think I should know who I am and she is just an idiot! Sorry for saying this if you all know her and think she is okay. In my mind, she is far from okay!
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Get your facts straight! I ASKED you one time if you were BB and said you sounded like her. I never accused you of it. I actually believed you for a while. You are making such a big deal of it lately though I am beginning to wonder if I was right because you protest it so much. The person I have spoken of lately is not you although your whining just like BB did all the time. Whiny little baby!!!!!!!

Good feedback! Though I never had a problem with Wellduh...yet.
I have heard the same story from a few others, same as you :)